Pam McDonald

20231926_650561545143224_7663486456861014054_o.jpgAs a child, Pam McDonald loved writing poems and short stories. Her lifelong dream has been to write a novel. Pam has a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught kindergarten for 10 years at Foundation Academy in Winder Garden, Florida. She wrote and directed many of the school’s plays. Pam led Precept Ministries Inductive Bible studies for 15 years at her church. She is known for her quick wit and joyful personality. She enjoys time with her two children and five grandchildren. Pam lives with her husband in Franklin, North Carolina.

Books by Pam McDonald

51a9hVpI0VLWindy Garden is a picturesque small town, cradled by the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. It’s a place to take in the sweet smell of the apple orchards covering the hillsides; a place to experience the vivid, fiery colors of autumn; a place to greet each day by watching the sun rise over the lush mountaintops. This is the town for home-cooked food, and old-fashioned fun. But is it a place for someone new? In Windy Garden, the townspeople are a close-knit and protective group. Outsiders are welcome, as long as they know their place. Bonnie McDaniel would learn this the hard way. This young newcomer from a small Missouri farming community does her best to fit in, and she meets some memorable townspeople along the way. She encounters Lucy, the friendly server at the local cafe; the hostile and unapproachable Nettie, the effervescent and chatty Kathy, the compassionate pastor of the Baptist Church, and a host of other colorful ‘locals.’ Bonnie is hoping to receive love and acceptance, but as she helps uncover some painful truths around town, she learns how very much she has to give.