Eva McCall


Eva McCall is the author of the popular Edge of Heaven, Children of the Mountain, Lucy’s Recipes for Mountain Living, Murder on Haint Branch and Button Box books. Eva is a native of Franklin North Carolina, spending her childhood with the grandmother that she portrays in her books, Lucy Davenport Carpenter. She graduated from Franklin High School, and attended Pfeiffer College.

After marrying her husband, George McCall, they moved to Michigan where George worked for General Motors, and Eva became a beautician. Eva began taking writing classes at Oakland University and Mott Community College, where she then was a member of several professional writing groups.

Since the release of her earlier books, which have sold thousands of copies, many fans awaited the release of “Murder on Haint Branch”, which Eva says was the most fun writing. In early 2014, Eva published “Button Box”, a Civil War novel that was written over a decade ago.

In addition to her published works, Eva has another manuscript written, and several other ideas in the works.

Books by Eva McCall

41CDFRKAVHLEdge of Heaven depicts stories that were heard from the real Lucy Davenport Carpenter. Edge of Heavenis a spirited account of family life in western North Carolina at the turn of the century. In the late 1890s, rural life was often threatened by illness, poverty, and violence, but was softened by the love of family and the surrounding beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. This 15-year anniversary edition recaptures the magic readers felt by McCall’s imagination that brilliantly incorportates fact with fiction.

theChildren of the Mountain returns to the moutain that every reader has come to love. Ever since Eva McCall wrote about Lucy Davenport’s arranged marriage to Holman Carpenter, a widower with thirteen children, readers have been eager to know more about the Carpenter family. Together, Lucy and Holman built a new house on the mountain where they raised four more sons. Now, despite having moved away with families of their own, the children still feel bound to Carpenter Mountain.  In this sequel to Edge of Heaven, they return home for Holman’s final birthday celebration, then help Lucy cope with widowhood. Jake the peddler reappears with his own offer of solace but with dubious intentions. Family conflicts and uncertainty over the future of her home compel Lucy to return to the edge of heaven, seeking wisdom from the spirits of her mother’s people. Ultimately, Lucy must look within to clarify her heart’s desires.

41Y-zAG0CsL__SL500_AA300_Eva McCall told about Lucy Davenport’s life in her novels Edge of Heaven and Children of the Mountain. With thirteen children to feed, Lucy used all the foods her family could grow, catch or kill. Like most mountain cooks in the early twentieth century, Lucy’s cooking directions do not have exact measurements, nor are they kitchen tested. Instead, her granddaughters Eva McCall and Emma Edsall recall how Lucy would bake a bear, preserve beans as leather britches, or bake a scrumptious blackberry pie. Together, they have put in writing their recollections of Lucy’s daily activities in the kitchen, and Lucy’s Recipes for Mountain Living is a warm and light-hearted look at how Lucy kept her large family fed.

MurderOnHaint6x9-page-001Murder on Haint Branch is an 80,000 word mystery novel set in Western North Carolina. Infidelity, moonshining, a crooked lawman, and a self-serving preacher are the building blocks for the novel. From the moment the sheriff tells Eula Sanders that her son, Charlie, has been shot, until the last few pages where we find out why Charlie died, the reader is given a glimpse into the way life really was for the Appalachian People in the early forties.

Eva'sButtonCoverButton Box is a fast-paced 96,000 word historical fiction set during the Civil war. It clearly shows the lengths that human beings, black or white, will go to protect the ones they love. Slaves are used to harvest tobacco, men to breed young slave girls, and the women to pleasure white men. Some make plans to murder their master while others plan their own death and others plan to escape. Abigail Sloan learns the hard lessons of life during the Civil War, but is comforted by her button box, symbolizing all of humankind; all shapes, sizes and colors, living together.

Homebred (Web Series) is based on a true event, following the journey of Anna McCallister who comes into contact with a girl who was believed to be dead. With the help of the girl’s father, Steve, Anna investigates and discovers more than what she bargained for. Filled with jaw-dropping, romantic and suspenseful scenes, Homebred is a story that you can’t miss.