About Us

About Moonshine Press

On October 2012, Tyler Cook and Eva McCall came together to start an independent publishing venture for McCall’s new novel, Murder on Haint Branch.  In early 2013, they formed Moonshine Press, a company that would publish the new novel, with the hope of publishing more novels by McCall and other local authors.  Now, Cook is leading the company, providing local authors the opportunity to publish their book without having to forfeit their rights and the majority of their royalties, something that every author hopes to achieve.

Publishing Process

If a title is selected by Moonshine Press, the process will begin after a contract is signed.  Depending on the state of the manuscript, it will either have to be sent to a third-party editor (at the expense of the author), or the author will give permission to skip that step.  Moonshine Press will then format the book to the author’s specifications.  The cover is the next step.  Moonshine Press will furnish the back cover via their software, but the front cover and the spine will have to be furnished by a third-party source (at the expense of the author), who will then combine the entire cover together.  The book will then be sent to Createspace, a company associated with Amazon, that prints the books and distributes the books via Amazon and Amazon Europe.  The title will be reviewed and after 12-24 hours, Createspace will notify if the book has been accepted or rejected.  If rejected, the interior and exterior files will have to be changed and resubmitted.  If accepted, Moonshine Press will purchase a physical proof and present it to the author.  If the author approves, then the book will immediately go on the Amazon store, and the printing of the book can begin.  eBook copies are all formatted by Moonshine Press and will be distributed via Amazon Kindle, Nook and KOBO.

Author Royalties

With Moonshine Press, authors get 90% of all profits that they make from their books.  The remaining 10% goes to Moonshine Press for the standard agency rate.  Remember, your royalty amount is after the cost of the book and the standard 40% that goes to all booksellers.  This is still 50% more than what you’d be making with a publisher that buys your book.

Author Rights

At Moonshine Press, authors own the rights to their books.  Authors do, however, have to sign a contract which states that the author cannot reproduce their book with another publishing company while the selected title is being sold under the Moonshine Press name.  Contracts with Moonshine Press can be broken with a 30 day written notice.  Moonshine Press will continue to bill the author until the final payment from vendors have been received.